Frequently asked questions

Our company is a national company that offers Camp Management and Catering services for mining, geological, exploration and road projects in central and rural areas of Mongolia. Our firm has many years of experience, specialized, professional and friendly team, service that meets international standards, and a comfortable working and living environment.

If you are interested in enrolling into our organization, please visit for more information about us and the specifics of our operations. If you decide to work in our team, you can call 7014-6036 to get the necessary information, come to the head office and meet in person, and fill out the application form online.

In addition to our requirement to have the Professional Skills of the advertised position, our doors will be open to anyone with the right attitude, service culture, responsibility, willingness to work and advancement.

Requirements: Able to work in rural areas, have undergone general and preventive medical examinations and meet the requirements.

The working environment depends on the activities and scope of the project. We create a comfortable working and living environment for our employees, and we are fully responsible for their accommodation, 3 meals a day, and travel expenses.

         During the 4 seasons of the year, we work in 2 shifts according to the 20/10 shift schedule.

Our team has been operating continuously since 2007. With the introduction of an integrated management system and international standards, everything is process-based and complies with organizational principles.

  • Provide help and support to target group members with a sense of social responsibility
  • Regularly organize and celebrate planned and unplanned trainings, promotions, international and domestic tours, various sports and entertainment activities, and celebrations. There are sections in the living environment where employees can spend their free time properly.

Salary levels according to the organizational structure. They are also flexible depending on length of service, experience, personal attitudes, and job performance.

Provides daily nutritious food and adequate employment for the health of its employees, as well as annual health check-ups.

Based on our many years of experience, we have a professional and specialized team that offers qualified service and products to our customers as well as give continuous support to our business partners.

Our organization provides the following comprehensive services: Product Development, Camp Construction, Camp Management, Catering Services, Product Supply, Cleaning Services, Laundry Services.

You can contact the official in charge via our official e-mail address and phone number to get the necessary information and price offers.

Based on our many years of experience, we aim to offer our customers with quality products and services at affordable prices. Price offers are flexible depending on the scope, duration and location of the project.

We can promise quality and safety to our customers by implementing and certifying international standards in accordance with the specifics of our organization. We implement a comprehensive program for Healthy Mongolians that will create wealth in Mongolia and make a valuable contribution to the country's development.

We have operated continuously since 2007.

We support the development and business of our client organizations to support their sustainable development, and by providing satisfactory services, the organization is interested in cooperating with us again.

We have an environmental management system in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and electricity use, prevent desertification, and reduce excess resources.

In order to ensure Mongolia's development and economic stability, we believe that the market is stable and uninterrupted in the current era of mining and road construction. It is a natural law that food is consumed when there are people.

Our vision is to become a “Role Model Enterprise” in the industry by 2025 and strive for development.

There are currently no reception or catering services in Ulaanbaatar.

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